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Partner up to sell more

Cut marketing costs and increase revenue streams by partnering up with other like-minded Shopify stores to sell each other’s products with ease. 

Be one of the first brands to start cross-store selling!

Does this sound familiar?

Too expensive Ads

Marketplace's high fees

No alternative sales channels

Hard wholesale relationships

Waste time managing catalog

Can't find partners to grow

Try with partnerships!

crossmystore shopify app (1)

Through CrossMystore, brands are able to come together and sell each other’s products through their own storefronts, offering a unique co-marketing opportunity.

Plug and play!

Effortlessly cross-sell products on other Shopify stores to grow your business. Our software will take care of the rest.

Step 1: Set up profile

Set up your conditions for your future partnerships.

Step 2: Find partners

Browse for partners in our directory and apply for a partnership.

Step 3: Sync products

Sync your partner’s products or viceversa and start selling.

All-in-one solution to manage partnerships

✔  Free plan available

✔  100% integrated with your Shopify store

✔  Find like-minded partners in a minute

✔  Import new products with a simple click

✔  Products and orders are sync in real-time

crossmystore shopify app (1)

Grow your business with partnerships

Cut acquisition costs

Acquire customers with a new sales channel by partnering up with like-minded stores.

Increase revenue streams

Grow your AOV by selling products from other brands without management costs.

Drive brand awareness

Expose your products to your partners’ audiences to leverage their own marketing.

Expand your catalog

Add your partner’s product to your storefront in a simple click. Forget about product uploads.

Partner up to sell more!

Join other Shopify stores, start cross-store selling, and watch your profits grow.