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June 22, 2021

Brand Partnerships: The New Way to Grow

In the post-pandemic age of retail, brands are focusing more than ever on driving sales and drawing in customers online. Businesses have rushed to buy precious ad space on social media and search engines to the point where you can barely go online without being bombarded with ads.

Customers are sick of being spammed like this, but brands don’t seem to get it – with each passing day they ramp up this bloodthirsty bidding war for places on Instagram or Facebook, or at the top of a Google search.

They need to find a way to break the deadlock. They need to embrace a new marketing technique to drive growth and acquire new customers without the costs and risks of traditional marketing. 

Brands need CrossMystore

The idea of collaboration and partnerships isn’t new in the world of e-commerce. For the last few years, brands have been making use of influencer marketing on Instagram, collaborating with profiles with large followings to have them promote their products online.

Many fashion brands also regularly work together on product collaborations, creating co-branded items for their audience. At CrossMystore, we’ve taken this idea and elevated it to another level to lay out the future of online marketing strategy. 

The concept is simple: instead of competing, brands will be collaborating.

By partnering up through the CrossMystore platform, brands pool their resources to reach more potential customers and drive their sales more than they ever could on their own. With CrossMystore you won’t beat the competition, you’ll join them. 

How to do cross-store selling with CrossMystore

Here’s how it works. CrossMystore allows Shopify brands to partner up and integrate each other’s products into their storefronts to increase their visibility and drive sales.

This is all done without any formal wholesaling contracts, meaning the entire process stays transparent and commitment-free. We call it Cross-Store Selling, and it’s the new face of collaborative marketing. 

By integrating your products into the online store of your partner, you’re exposing your stock to their whole audience and leveraging their paid marketing techniques at no extra cost. They cover the expenses of the marketing tools which you’ll be making use of, and you’ll gain access to their entire audience that they already have.

It’s the perfect way to drive your sales with minimal effort and get your products into the view of a whole new range of customers. Best of all, making use of your partner’s marketing channels won’t just give you one-time increases in profits, but will give you access to a wealth of new clients.

Buyers will know which products are yours and will be tempted to investigate further in your own online store, drawing new potential customers to your brand at no extra cost and cutting down your acquisition costs. 

Alternatively, by bringing your partner’s products into your Shopify store you’ll be able to complement your existing stock. Adding in new products will cover more niches and provide a more complete shopping experience to a wider audience.

With the CrossMystore platform, you’re able to get around the usual time-consuming and expensive process of product development and manufacturing.

Not to mention the expensive stock management and delivery fees – by Cross-Store Selling, you’ll integrate your partner’s products into your store with just a couple of clicks and sell them alongside your own, taking a commission for every item sold without having to pay a thing on stock management.

It’s net profit for your business and the perfect way to drive your average order value with ease!

What are the benefits of Cross-store selling?

However, the benefits don’t just stop there. Here at CrossMystore, we not only want to help your business reach its full potential, but we’re here to make the process easy and intuitive for you.

Our software is designed to let you get on with running your business while it does all the hard work for you. Firstly, finding your future partners couldn’t be easier – upload your product catalogue to our dedicated brands directory and have a browse to find like-minded businesses you want to collaborate with.

Then, it’s as easy as requesting to join forces and integrating their stock with yours or yours with theirs in seconds. All stock information and order details are synchronized and transmitted automatically between partners so you can sit back and reap the rewards, letting CrossMystore do all the hard work for you. 

Best of all, our system not only does the boring tasks so you don’t have to, but it streamlines your customer acquisition process to save you time and reduce your lead generation costs even further.

Through CrossMystore, customer insights and data are shared between partners so both can benefit whenever a new buyer comes along.

By gaining access to new customer information automatically through our software, you can immediately add them to your other marketing channels, keep in contact with them and cement their loyalty, all without having had to draw them in through your usual expensive marketing channels. It couldn’t be simpler to get your hands on new leads!

In a world of heightened e-commerce competition, pooling resources is becoming the only way to get ahead of the pack and drive sales. At CrossMystore, we’re here to help you get started on this journey to find more customers and increase your revenues. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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