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August 31, 2021

How to get sales on Shopify and grow your e-commerce business

When it comes to running an e-commerce business, the most important task by far is to expose your brand to make sales. Without this, you’ll make no money and your company will never get off the ground! 

To make sales, there are a few strategies that stand out from the rest, whether you’re a multinational conglomerate, or operating out of your parents’ basement.

They all come down to making your marketing strategy more efficient to cut down on costs and maximize profits.

The three key things you need to are:

  • Leverage free traffic sources
  • Optimize your store and its contents
  • Curate a loyal customer base

With these 3 tricks, you’ll be able to grow your sales exponentially, reaching new customers and keeping your existing buyers loyal. They might seem like daunting tasks, so keep on reading as I explain how to make things as easy as possible for your business to reach new heights!

A few things to consider before we get going…

While the three strategies I’m about to explain are the perfect way to supercharge your existing business, they are reliant on you already having an efficient strategy already in place.

You should consider the following points before making big changes to your marketing strategy, or you may not see the results you’re looking for: 

  • Have you done your market research? Are your existing marketing strategies effective at drawing in your target audience, and are your prices appropriate?
  • Are your manufacturing and distribution processes up to scratch? Are you able to easily handle new orders? 
  • Is your website optimized and easy to navigate? Does it properly showcase your products and present them in an appealing way?
  • Do you already have a growing email list of customers to leverage?
  • Do you already have a few social media pages showcasing your brand?

These make up the foundations of any successful e-commerce website, without which you’ll have no hope of succeeding even if you do implement the strategies I’m about to explain.

For example, if your marketing is geared towards attracting the wrong target market, or your website runs slow or doesn’t show off your products in the right way, you’ll put off customers before they make a purchase.

You need to make sure that your site is appealing to the right people and easy to navigate, especially if your products form a part of a very competitive niche. 

Thankfully, I’ve already written a few articles on how to optimize your store, distribution processes, and marketing channels, so go check them out if you aren’t sure!  

With that forewarning out of the way, I’ll assume that your website and marketing channels are set up to maximize efficiency, and begin to explain how you can take them to the next level. 

Step 1: Leverage sources of free traffic

To make sales, you need to be driving targeted traffic to your website. Many new businesses rush to get as much traffic as possible to their store, regardless of if they’re bringing in the right people.

This can be a massive waste of time and money since many of these visitors won’t be interested in your products and so won’t spend any money.

The way around this is to make use of free sources of traffic, which will not only expose your store to a wider range of customers for free but will also give you a wider range of analytics on your store about which demographics visit, make purchases, or leave without engaging with your products, so you can better target your paid media. 

There are multiple ways sources of free traffic that you can make use of, but I’ve suggested a few key strategies here:

Share with your circle of close friends and family to get going

This is often the first step for small businesses starting out. Letting your friends, family, or work colleagues know about your company is a great way to spread the word about your product and get support early on.

Add your website to your online profiles and share it on social media to expose it to people you know for free. 

You can build on this strategy by asking them to share your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, or TikTok, which will get your product into view of all of their friends and reach a much larger audience than you could on your own, all for free! Even if they don’t buy anything from you, it’s a good way to generate a buzz around your brand early on and will drive people to your store to flesh out your Shopify analytics. 

To maximize the efficiency of this strategy, provide pre-made templates or copy for your friends to put in their posts. In this way, you’ll be able to test out what slogans and designs work for grabbing the attention of potential customers, and help out your friends if they’re struggling to come up with captions. 

Have your new customers give referrals

For small businesses just starting out, this is often a key technique for growing your customer base. Just like with having your friends and family refer your product or website to people they know, having your existing customers do the same will help to increase brand awareness among people outside of your circle, getting your brand name out there into view. 

You could put a couple of lines in your post-purchase thank you page asking them to tell their friends about your business, or you could offer them a discount if they make a successful referral and attract new customers to your store.

Even asking them for a positive review will have a powerful impact on your business, showing off to potential buyers that your brand is reliable and your products are of good quality. 

Provide welcome offers for your first few customers

Like offering discounts for successful referrals, giving out offers to new customers is a great way to close a sale. If your business is quite small, customers will often be more hesitant to spend money with you since they won’t be sure that you’re reliable and there won’t be many people online vouching for you.

Offering a discount is the perfect way to motivate them to make a purchase.

You shouldn’t be offering discounts for months and months after starting out; this is only to entice the first few customers to make a purchase and hopefully leave positive reviews.

Over time, more and more people will try out your business following this early exposure, so you won’t need to give out discounts to draw in new customers. 

Alternatively, there is another way you can leverage free sources of traffic, gaining access to a wealth of new leads and instantly exposing your business to an established and interested audience. It’s called Cross-Store Selling, and the CrossMystore platform can help you get started with this innovative sales strategy. 

Start cross-store selling to increase your sales!

By uploading your stock to the CrossMystore brands directory and forming partnerships with like-minded brands with complementary values and collections, you can have them import your products into their store to sell for you.

This immediately gets your stock into view of their existing customers which your brand partner has spent time and money drawing in, essentially meaning that you’ve leveraged their paid marketing strategies for free.

These engaged customers are much more likely to make a purchase of your products since they’re being listed alongside a brand that they already know and trust, improving the reputation of your own business through association amongst whole new audiences. It’s the perfect way to gain access to a massive group of new leads, a result which would normally take forever and cost a lot of money, at no extra marketing cost. 

Step 2: Optimize your storefront 

It’s all well and good making the most of free sources of traffic to draw in customers, but if your site isn’t up to scratch then you won’t have much luck motivating them to make a purchase.

You need to optimize your store so that it’s appealing, easy to navigate, and contains everything your customers need. 

The first step to making your store more efficient and appealing is to make sure that it loads fast and is appealing and easy to navigate.

Optimizing your pages to reduce load times is essential because if they take too long to load up, customers will get bored and click away.

Likewise, your website and storefront ought to be visually appealing and easy to navigate so that customers can find what they’re looking for with just a few clicks, and enjoy their time on your site.

Organizing your products into sections and subsections will make your store easy to use, as will implementing a search bar so that customers can get right to what they’re looking for. Adding in visually appealing designs with your own branding will also personalize and improve your fans’ experience when they’re shopping with you. 

Optimizing your site for mobile is also advised since a greater and greater market share is now found on mobile devices. Having a functional mobile site allows people to browse your stock while out and about, greatly improving accessibility and increasing the chances that a sale will be made. 

On top of these basic improvements, you can also do a lot to make your product pages more appealing. For example, adding multiple pictures or videos showing off your products will increase the likelihood of a purchase being made since customers will be able to examine your product in depth.

Adding in product descriptions including materials and dimensions will do the same. It is also a good idea to include a customer review section so that your fans will be able to see how your other customers have enjoyed your product – as a rule, they will trust user reviews more than any promotional description, so showcasing positive feedback will be a massive boost to your sales.

Finally, you can add in a couple of extra features to motivate sales, such as a stock counter to add a sense of urgency and scarcity to your products, or a cross-sell functionality that offers similar products whenever a customer adds to their basket. This will drive up your average order value by encouraging your buyers to add on an item they never would’ve considered otherwise. 

Of course, there is another powerful way to optimize your store and make more sales by driving up your average order value and complementing your existing stock. By using the CrossMystore platform to import new products to your store, you can easily drive revenues while saving on stock management costs. 

Through our platform, you can browse for products from other brands that would complement your collections in our curated brand’s directory, and import them into your storefront with just the click of a button.

These new products will flesh out your stock, helping you to cover a wider range of niches and thus appeal to a much wider audience. You’ll increase the chances of them finding what they want, driving up your sales and average order value by suggesting products to complement their existing basket.

Essentially, by adding in these new items, you’ll turn your store into a one-stop-shop for everything your fans need, saving them time and money and keeping them coming back for more. 

Best of all, while you import these new products digitally, you never have to worry about taking care of them physically. You list and sell them in your storefront, taking a commission on every item you sell, while your brand partner pays for stock management and order fulfillment.

This saves you time and money while you reap the rewards, and our platform does all the hard work of transferring order and stock information between brands in real-time so you can put your feet up and not worry about a thing. It’s an incredibly easy way to augment your collections without all the hassle.

Step 3: Create a customer email list to reinforce loyalty

Now that you’ve implemented methods of drawing in customers and getting them to make a sale, you need to keep them coming back to you.

The vast majority of your profits will come from repeat customers, so you need to make sure that you’re cultivating their loyalty. By far the easiest way to do this is by keeping in contact with them via email, keeping them updated on upcoming promotions, and offering exclusive discounts. Here are a few ways to draw them in. 

There are multiple ways to collect customer email addresses and a lot of different apps available on Shopify to help out. Essentially, you need to be offering an incentive for a customer to give you their email.

You could do this by offering them a one-time discount or free shipping if they agree to give over their email address or subscribe to your newsletter. 

Alternatively, you could use a catchy design feature to grab their attention and ask for their email:

  • Bold header bar with a subscribe CTA button 
  • Floating or slide-in bars that appear after a customer has spent a certain amount of time on the page
  • Exit-intent popup with a CTA button or special offer

Once you’ve got a growing list of customer emails, you need to put them to good use. This comes down to implementing the right software to maximize the effectiveness of your emails. 

Once you’ve created templates for your messages you should use a software such as ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft to implement them. These will allow you to email groups or all of your subscribers, create complex and automated email chains to maximize interest, and track who opens your messages and clicks on links. 

Once you’ve got the hard work of gathering emails and setting up the automation of sending them, you need to worry about what you’ll actually say in your messages.

You could create templates for moments such as these:

  • A welcome email or sequence for when someone first subscribes 
  • Re-engagement sequences if a subscriber hasn’t opened your messages for a while
  • Cart abandonment emails for when they don’t complete a sale (you could add in a discount to these emails to motivate them to complete the purchase)
  • Wishlist reminder emails to keep your customers engaged with the products they liked
  • Targeted emails to specific groups of customers based on their purchasing history and browsing interests 

Your emails should be as targeted as possible to make sure that they properly engage your customers and have the right effect on making them more likely to buy. Keeping them engaged is essential for keeping them loyal and buying from you, and not going to shop with one of your competitors. 

Unfortunately, creating this dedicated email list can take a very long time on your own. Thankfully, though, the CrossMyStore platform provides the perfect means to gain access to a wealth of new leads incredibly quickly and gives you the tools to convert these first-time buyers into long-term fans. 

As I previously explained, you can have your brand partners import your products into their store to sell for you, immediately exposing your stock to an entirely new and engaged audience and increasing the chances of your items being bought.

These new customers will know that these products come from your store and will be more likely to follow them back to your website and check it out for themselves, increasing traffic and exposure among new potential leads. 

However, what is really powerful about the CrossMystore platform is that not only will you gain new leads through this natural process of customer movement, but you’ll also immediately gain access to customer data whenever your partner makes a sale of your products in their store.

Our innovative technology will automatically transmit customer buying tendencies and information including their email address to you when your partner sells one of your products in their store, immediately giving you a new client without you having to pay to draw them in, thus cutting down your customer acquisition costs.

You can then add this new client to your own email marketing channels to convert them into a brand fan, successfully growing your customer base without having to waste time and money doing it all yourself. It’s simple!

As you can see, there are a whole host of ways that you can optimize your Shopify store to drive sales, improve your website, draw in new customers, and cut down on costs.

Whether you’re a massive or minuscule business, these tips can be of massive benefit to you, as can the CrossMystore sales solution. If you want to start making the most of free sources of traffic to draw in new leads and drive your revenues, sign up to CrossMystore today and watch your profits grow! 

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