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June 3, 2021

How to increase revenues in your Shopify store by Cross-store Selling

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining the many benefits of Cross-Store Selling in other articles, and I’ve bombarded you with a bunch of marketing jargon along the way. However, here at CrossMyStore, we’ve designed our software to be as streamlined as possible to make life easier for you.

With that aim in mind, then, I want to take just a moment to cut out all the ROIs, KPIs, AOVs, and any other marketing talk you can think of. Simply put, here’s how CrossMyStore will help you earn more in your online store

Sell your products in other storefronts

As an online store, your success is determined by how much you sell. Everyone knows that, but the trick is knowing how to go about making that happen. With CrossMyStore, we save you the headache, and give you access to a directory of fully automated and marketing cost-free sales channels – the many brands you can partner up with.

By acting as a supplier and letting other brands sell your products in their storefronts, you’ll let them take care of the marketing costs and sell to their audience without having to pay to draw them in yourself, all while guaranteeing the quality of your stock because you stay in charge of your own inventory!

You’ll increase your profits by having more of your products sold to a wider customer base, and get to keep more of it since you’ll save on marketing costs. Best of all, you keep total control of who you partner up with and what items they’ll sell, so you’re always in the driving seat. 

Sell more products in your store

Thanks to CrossMyStore, you’ll increase your revenues not only by passing your items for other brands to sell for you, but also by integrating new products into your own Shopify store.

It sounds obvious – selling more products in your store will increase your revenues – but Cross-Store Selling provides opportunities you normally would never be able to achieve on your own.

By partnering with brands that sell complementary but different products to your own inventory, you can integrate them into your existing collections to increase the likelihood of your customers buying more than one item from you.

Best of all, despite you acting as the retailer in the partnership here and selling your supplier partner’s items, you don’t have to cover the costs of inventory management or delivery shipment, meaning the commission you make from selling their products is net profit on top of what you make selling your own! 

Expose your brand to new customers

Both of the above may seem to be short-term revenue boosts instead of having long-term impacts. However, what’s so special about Cross-Store Selling is that it helps businesses turn these profit opportunities into permanent increases, all with minimal investment.

By selling your partners’ products in your store, you’ll draw their customers from their storefront to yours without paying for the expensive marketing techniques you’d usually rely on to achieve this.

Likewise, by selling your products in their stores, you’ll expose them to a whole new audience without paying for traditional ads, getting your brand name out there into view of new leads without spending anything.

You and your customers will share customer data so you can add them to your email marketing systems and keep them coming back for more, turning new leads into loyal customers, and permanently increasing your revenues. 

As you can see, Cross-Store Selling is the answer for Shopify brands wanting to increase their revenues and break away from traditional, expensive and inefficient marketing techniques. With CrossMyStore, you’ll cut advertising costs and permanently drive up your profits and customer base, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today and see what Cross-Store Selling can do for you!

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