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May 27, 2021

How to sell more in your Shopify store

As an e-commerce brand, how can you motivate more sales in your online store? This will forever be the life-or-death question for businesses, and one that many people consider very difficult to answer.

Thankfully, here at CrossMyStore we’ve found the answer which is helping brands to consolidate their customer base and drive sales at zero marketing cost, and I’m going to explain how it works. 

First of all, there are a thousand different solutions claiming to provide results that are floating around the internet these days. Hundreds of companies offer services such as paid media ads, SEM options, influencer marketing programs and email marketing systems, all claiming to lead more customers to the businesses that use them.

Unfortunately, these all go about attracting customers in the same way: brands literally throwing money at the problem, spending more and more in a bidding war against other businesses in the hope that they’ll get seen first, when in reality all this advertisement spam puts customers off and makes them click away. In other words: a whole lot of jargon, and not many results. 

However, at CrossMyStore, we provide a better way 

Instead of competing with other brands as you would with traditional paid ads, our system allows you to join forces with them and use your combined marketing power to draw in new customers and retain your existing ones so that you both benefit, all without extra marketing costs.

By using Cross-Store Selling instead of paid advertising, you can increase your AOV, drive revenues and gain visibility with ease. 

I’ve already explained the key benefits of Cross-Store selling in another article, but it’s worth going over the most significant advantages of this co-marketing strategy one more time.

By partnering up with a like-minded brand, you’re able to provide them with your products to sell in their store, integrate their items into yours, or both! If you go for the first option and choose to act as the supplier, you’ll be able to leverage their marketing techniques at no extra cost, letting them market and sell your products for you and giving you access to an entirely new audience, massively boosting your visibility.

On the other hand, if you act as the retailer in the partnership and integrate other brands’ products into your own store, you get to sell a wider range of products to your customers and increase your AOV without having to pay for additional inventory or delivery costs

How to sale more in Shopify?

On top of these benefits, though, there are other features of Cross-Store Selling that you can take advantage of to sell more in your Shopify store. The best way to go about this is by taking your partnership with other brands to a whole new level to increase the effectiveness of your marketing techniques. I’ll explain a little more. 

One way of elevating your partnership for your own benefit is by combining your marketing strategies and begin to officially co-market each other’s items. In this way, customers won’t just stumble across the supplier’s items in the retailer’s store; they’ll see the products of both partners advertised together and will be more likely to go and investigate online, and make a purchase. 

This co-marketing strategy can be taken even further by creating bundles including products from both brands and selling them as one package. In this way, not only will the customer be saved time and hassle and won’t have to search around for the different items they want to buy, but both brands will benefit from this easy way of increasing revenues and AOV.

Make sure you combine complementary products in the bundles for maximum effectiveness, and then sit back and watch your profits grow!

Start with Cross-store selling!

The ultimate form of this collaborative marketing strategy is to create co-branded items to sell in your stores. This is the highest level you could take your partnership, and is a true demonstration of your commitment to your shared values and your customers.

Create unique items by combining your designs and products and give your customers a real treat to keep them loyal!

Obviously, these are all just suggestions and ideas that you can use to boost your sales in your Shopify store, but one thing’s for certain: Cross-Store Selling is the future of marketing, and the most effective way to cut through the noise of spam advertising and get new customers.

Sign up to CrossMyStore today, and start reaping the benefits!

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