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July 6, 2021

How to sell more on Shopify from day one with CrossMystore

As I’ve said in another article, the CrossMystore platform is helping businesses like yours to drive profits, reach new customers and cut acquisition costs, minus all the hassle of traditional marketing techniques.

With our software, you can be up and running with just a couple of clicks and start feeling the effects of our tool immediately, cementing your first brand partnerships and cutting out the risks of paid advertising.

Here’s how you can sell more on Shopify with our software right from the word go!

Getting started with CrossMystore couldn’t be easier. After just a couple of clicks, you’ll have uploaded your product catalogue, found potential partners and integrated their products into your store, or yours into theirs.

We cut out the faff so you can get on with growing your business, and with CrossMystore, achieving this has never been easier. 

Right from the word go you’ll be driving sales and growing your audience with less risk. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, there is no slow build-up to uncertain results; with CrossMystore, you’re guaranteeing success right off the bat. 

You are in control of your brand


If you’re supplying your products to your partner to sell in their store, you don’t have to wait around to slowly expose your stock to new audiences as you would with SEM and other ads.

With Cross-Store Selling, your items go straight into view of the dedicated and regular customers of your partner who are already visiting their storefront, saving you time and motivating new sales right away.

Best of all, this exposure comes at zero cost to you – you’re leveraging the paid marketing techniques of your partner for free, letting them do all the hard work of bringing in customers for you. Not only will you see a sales boost right away, but you’ll keep up the profits permanently as more customers arrive. 


The same goes for if you want to integrate new products into your store. Normally, you’d be spending months and months on product planning, design, and manufacturing but, thanks to the CrossMystore brands directory, you can browse the items you want to integrate into your storefront and import them with just a couple of clicks.

You don’t even have to worry about any inventory management costs or delivery fees – our software lets you focus on selling while your supplier manages their stock and fulfilment, with CrossMystore synchronizing all order information so you never have to worry about overselling or incorrect fulfilment.

It couldn’t be easier to find new products to sell to your customers for commission, driving your revenues and boosting your average order value, all in just seconds and minus the risk. 

It’s not just with revenues where you’ll be immediately feeling the benefits, though. Thanks to our software, you’ll also gain access to a wealth of new customers quicker and easier than ever before.

The CrossMystore platform allows brand partners to share customer insights and data automatically with each other for mutual benefit, helping both partners to expand their customer database to add to their other marketing channels without having to spend any time or money drawing them in. You’ll drastically cut down your acquisition costs right away. 

With CrossMystore, it’s never been easier to launch your business into view of whole new audiences in seconds. Using our software, you’ll get ahead of the competition and leave traditional marketing behind you, saving time and money right from the word go. Sign up to CrossMystore today and start growing your profits and reaching more customers right away!

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