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June 10, 2021

How to start selling your products in other Shopify stores

So, you’ve just added the CrossMystore app to your store on Shopify. Congratulations! You’re only a couple of steps away from driving your sales, increasing your Average Order Value (AOV), and cutting down your customer acquisition costs. 

I’m now going to take you through the process of acting as a supplier in your new partnerships, step by step. It’s so simple!

  1. Upload the products from your catalogue that you want to sell in other stores to our directory. Set the commission rate, then wait for your future partners to contact you. 
  2. Review, accept or reject requests from other brands asking to sell your products through your dedicated CrossMyStore inbox. After you’ve accepted them, they’ll import your products and you don’t have to do anything. 
  3. They’ll list your products in their store and sell them to their customers while you put your feet up. Customers will always know which products are yours in other storefronts. 
  4. When a purchase of your items has been made, the CrossMystore software will automatically and instantly transmit all stock and order information to you so you can dispatch the order. 
  5. Once the order has been finalized and dispatched, your retailer partner will pay you the amount they earned from the sale of your items, minus their commission, over Stripe or Paypal. It’s easy!

As you can see from the short steps above, it’s incredibly quick and easy to get your stock listed in other Shopify stores for your partners to sell for you.

With just a few clicks, you can upload your products before letting other brands sell your stock for you. 

The supplier in the brand partnership

By acting as the supplier in the brand partnership, you’re able to leverage your retailer’s audience and marketing techniques at no extra cost to sell your products to their audience.

By having your stock appear in their Shopify shop, you’ll take advantage of their existing audience and the marketing techniques that they pay for to draw in customers, and let them sell to these buyers for you.

This will drive your revenues with no effort on your part. You stay in charge of stock management and deliveries so that you can guarantee that your products are being sent out to the high standard your customers know you to provide, and you can withdraw your items from other stores at any time, hassle-free.

What are the advantages? 

Not only will you increase your revenues by selling in other stores, but you can convert these one-time buyers into loyal customers with ease.

Customers will know which products are yours in your partners’ stores, and will be drawn back to your own shop to see more of your products. More than this, though, you’ll share all customer information and insights with your partners so that you’ll be able to integrate their customer data into your existing marketing channels.

For example, by taking the contact information of the customers buying your products in other stores, you can add them to your email marketing channels, offer them incentives to buy from you directly, and turn these previously disinterested leads into loyal fans of your brand.

Best of all, you’ll have gained these new customers without having to pay for expensive marketing to draw them in, since your partners’ marketing channels did all the hard work for you. It’s the perfect way to drive sales and cut customer acquisition costs!

So, if you want to get started supplying your products for other brands to sell for you, don’t hang around! Sign up to CrossMystore today!

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