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June 18, 2021

Scaling brand partnerships on Shopify with CrossMyStore

As I’ve previously explained, brand partnerships are fast becoming a key strategy for many DTC brands online. Non-competing, complementary businesses are ever more frequently pooling resources and working together to launch bigger marketing campaigns, reach new audiences, and drive sales. 

The problem is, until very recently, brand partnerships were very difficult to set up and run. They were time-consuming and difficult to scale. And each partnership was unique and could not be replicated.

Brands had to do all the prospecting work to find a partner themselves, and it was often more hassle than it was worth. 

Now, however, there exist multiple options for brands to adopt a partnership model program that is much easier to implement and scale.

Keep reading as I talk you through some of the best options available right now. 


Rokt Transaction Marketing turns the traditional brand partnership model on its head, presenting customers with products from their favourite brand’s partner only after they’ve made a purchase, at the time when they’re most engaged. 

The Rokt system allows brands to promote relevant products from complementary, non-competing brands on their order confirmation pages, or send their buyers offers right after a sale when they’re most receptive.

Their algorithm learns which referrals work and which don’t to only show the most relevant suggestions, enhancing the customer experience to keep them happy.

They operate on a cost-per-referral payment model and offer a comprehensive range of statistics and information so you can track your performance and see how effective your partnerships are. 

Sadly, the fact that the complementary items are only shown after a purchase is made means that when a customer abandons their cart, any chance that the partner would have their products seen is lost. 


Profity has created a partnership network of e-commerce companies who provide gift vouchers from complementary brands within the network to their customers, promoting high-quality traffic and sales. 

The way it works is that after a customer makes a purchase with a brand, the Profity system will allow the brand to share relevant offers from their partners, usually in the form of vouchers, on their online stores.

Brands wanting to take advantage of the Profity network need to install a tracking pixel on their website and provide a discount code for other brands to promote, but then have complete freedom to choose the brand they want to partner up with.   

However, one thing that might put off a potential business is the need to install a tracking pixel on their online store which, although necessary for the Profity system, adds another barrier in the way of seamless setup and integration. 


CrossMyStore is a brand partnership software that allows like-minded Shopify brands to partner up and sell each other’s products in their stores, exposing them to new audiences, driving sales and increasing their average order value. 

Unlike the other partnership models, it does not rely on a purchase being made on one brand’s site before their partner’s products are displayed, but instead automatically synchronizes both brands’ stock and seamlessly presents them at the same time.

Brands can choose which items to upload to the CrossMyStore system and can then browse the software directory to find their new partners. 

The way it works is that one brand chooses to act as a retailer in the partnership, importing their partner’s products into their store to sell for them.

This has the effect of increasing their average order value by providing a wider range of products to their customers. The retailer covers the marketing costs and exposes the other brand’s products to their audience, increasing their partner’s visibility and helping to drive sales.

In return, their partner, the supplier, covers all inventory and shipment costs and gives the retailer commission for every product they sell. The CrossMystore software automates all the hard work of stock and order synchronization so that the partners can get on with selling, hassle free. 

Brand partnerships are the future of online marketing, helping e-commerce companies cut through the competition of online ads to reach a much wider audience, drive sales, and pool their resources for mutual gain. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to open up a new sales channel and increase your brand visibility among whole new audiences without any extra marketing costs, or drive your average order value and add new products to your store without stock management expenses, then we have the answer. Sign up to CrossMystore today and start reaping the rewards!

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