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September 9, 2021

The 3 best cross-store selling practices

Cross-store selling, as I’ve said before, is an incredibly powerful co-marketing tool that can help you drive sales, increase brand awareness, and cut down on marketing and customer acquisition costs.

However, there are a few techniques that you can implement that can take this sales strategy to a whole new level, increasing its efficiency and its effectiveness. 

With this in mind, keep reading as I take you through three of the most powerful Cross-Store Selling strategies to keep in mind, and how CrossMystore can help you make them work. 

Partner up with complementary brands

It might seem like a good idea to partner up with as many different brands as possible so you can augment the existing collections in your storefront with a larger amount of new products. More stuff equals more sales, right?


In reality, if you fill your storefront with products from other brands that don’t compliment your own stock, or are of a completely different price range or level of quality, you’ll end up putting off your customers and they won’t want to buy from you.

If there is too much in your store it will make it harder for them to find what they’re looking for, and if a lot of it isn’t relevant to their desires then it will damage their buying experience. 

What you should focus on instead is partnering up with a few brands that really complement your own stock and that share your core values and target market. In this way, you can curate your storefront to provide your customers with exactly the products they’re looking for and bring them in from brands that they would be able to connect with.

For example, a clothing company might want to partner up with a brand selling shoes so that a customer would be able to buy a complete outfit from them, saving them time by turning their store into a one-stop-shop for everything they need. In this way, you’ll keep your customer happy and coming back for more since you’re giving them everything they need. 

Start cross-store selling with CrossMystore

CrossMystore can help you easily find like-minded brands with just the click of a button through our curated brand’s directory. In it, you can browse through a carefully selected list of brands to find your perfect match, searching by company name, region, item price range, or core values.

With this, you’ll know that you’re partnering up with the correct brand to complement your business and delight your customers. If you later decide that you want to end the partnership then you can do it with a click of a button, no questions asked. The CrossMystore app is designed to make things as easy as possible for you so that your business can thrive.  

Integrate new customers into your existing marketing strategies

It’s all well and good having your partner brands sell your products in their storefronts, or integrating new items into yours to draw in new audiences, but you need to be able to convert these first-time buyers into long term fans. Only this will secure the security and success of your brand. 

You need to be engaging with them as soon as they buy your products. This is easier when they’re making a purchase from your storefront since you can simply add them to your existing communication channels as you would with any other new buyer.

The challenge comes when you’re wanting to draw in customers who have bought your products in another storefront since you have less control over your partner’s marketing strategies and communication methods. You can’t just sit around hoping that they’ll come to check out your store in the future; you need to take action to guarantee that they’ll keep coming back to you. 

CrossMystore can help with this. Our innovative solution allows for brand partners to share customer records whenever a new sale is made of a brand’s items in their partner’s store. This information can then be added to the brand’s marketing channels and email lists, allowing them to immediately convert this new lead into a long-term customer.

As you know, keeping in contact with a buyer through email marketing greatly increases the likelihood of them buying from you again, so thanks to your brand partner, you’ll gain access to a new method of customer acquisition for free. CrossMystore will have your partners selling your products for you and sending new customers your way – it’s a win-win! 

Test out new theories to grow your business

Every business needs to implement new strategies and products over time in order to keep on growing. However, this involves a lot of risks, since creating a new product or marketing to a new demographic is time-consuming, expensive, and very risky. If you’ve thrown a load of money at a new project only to see it fail, it can do incredible damage to your business. You need a way to test out theories safely. 

Cross-Store Selling with CrossMystore can provide this safety. You can use your partner brands to test out theories, try new products, and see how your stock appeals to new groups, all without fear of it going wrong and ruining your company. 

For example, if you wanted to create a new line of products for your storefront, instead of carrying out painstaking research and then spending loads of time and money designing and manufacturing these new products with no guarantee that they’ll be popular, you could use the CrossMystore brands directory to find and import the products you want.

Browse through our dedicated directory of products to find something similar to what you want to create and instantly import it into your storefront to see how your customer base engages with it. If it’s successful, then you’ll have found out some key information about your fans without having to spend a fortune on risky product development, and can then create your own products.

Best of all, even when you’re trying out your partner’s products, you don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping them, as your partner will take care of this for you. You get all of the benefits of an augmented storefront, taking home a commission and driving up your average order value with no extra costs. 

Alternatively, if you want to start marketing towards a new demographic or selling in a new area, you could partner up with a brand that already targets these groups, has them start selling your products, and see if their existing customers engage with your stock.

In this way, you’ll cut out the risk of spending a load of money on a new advertising campaign only for it to miss the mark and not draw in many new customers. Best of all, if your brand is a hit, then you’ll already have given it a lot of exposure among this new audience since you’ll have leveraged your partner’s existing fanbase and marketing channels for free and will draw these new buyers back to your own storefront. 

As you can see, Cross-Store Selling will not only increase your revenue streams but will also help you maximize the efficiency of your business so it can grow and thrive. If you want to take advantage of this powerful new strategy, then sign up for the CrossMystore Shopify app today! You won’t look back. 

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